Posted by: Wagons Ho | October 11, 2011

A great book

I was out this weekend and saw a man walking and reading a book at the same time. My first thought was “Really? Have our lives become so busy that we have to read a book while we take a walk?” It made me sad for a minute and then I decided to reconsider the situation. What if he wasn’t so busy that he didn’t have time to read a book and then take a walk on a beautiful fall day. What if instead the book was just so great he couldn’t bear to put it down. A book so engrossing that the thought of missing even a few minutes with the characters was impossible for him to imagine. Maybe it’s one he’s read several times. An old friend that he turns to when he’s having a bad day or when he needs to lose himself in something bigger than the commute and the paperwork on his desk waiting for Monday morning to return.

That change in thinking made me smile and reminded me of a great speaker I heard this summer. The speech was all about happiness. He spoke about how we can train ourselves to be happier by looking for the positive and making small changes in our lives. I had tried one of his exercises for a few weeks after that speech but let it fall to the side as I got busy back in my rut. It had worked for those few weeks so I decided to pull his book out of the pile of library books I needed to return and actually read it this time. It’s a tiny wheel turn out of the rut I hope.

So to the man reading and walking this weekend I say thanks. Turns out that really was a great book.


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