Posted by: Wagons Ho | October 26, 2011

Embarrassing Mom Moment

We’ve all had them. If you are thinking “Not me” you are a liar or in some serious denial about the incidents to protect your sanity. You don’t even have to be a mom to have had them. Ask my husband and my sister. Neither one of them is a mom and my kid has embarrassed the heck out of both of them.

A few things you’ll need to know to appreciate what happened this evening. First my oldest has a mind like a steel trap. This kid remembers everything. Not long ago he was talking to my husband and said “Daddy do you remember the time I was running in the kitchen and fell and cut my head and needed stitches?” He was 16 months old when that happened. Seriously.

Second about a month or so ago we were at Target and when we got to the register he had put some PediaKids milk in the basket without me noticing. It was the first time he had ever done that and I didn’t want him making a habit of it so I told him we couldn’t get it because we hadn’t planned on buying it that day, you don’t put stuff in the basket without asking, etc. Very next trip to Target he sees the PediaKids and asks if we can get it. I said no because I had forgotten my coupons and I knew I had a couple good ones for it. That stuff is expensive! So I explained that it cost a lot and I wanted to use my coupons to save some money but I would bring them the next time and we would get it.

Third I’m not 100% sure he has ever had PediaKids before. It’s possible as he did drink a lot of Pediasure when he was much younger but he hasn’t even had that in at least 2 years.

Fast forward to tonight. I’ve been sick for 3 days. Today is the first day I haven’t had raging bouts of hot and cold flashes along with body aches, headaches and any other kind of ache you can think of. I’m still sweating like a fiend with even the littlest bit of exertion but as I’m feeling better I decide a trip to Target to get more baby formula is called for. Considering we were down to the last couple scoops in the last container the baby agreed this was a wise decision. So off to Target we went. I have the baby in the carrier in the front of the cart, steel trap in the back of the cart and me looking a lovely shade of pale with a side of damp.

We hit the baby formula aisle, which if you have ever been to the baby formula aisle in a Target you’ll know also houses the PediaKids. I grab a couple of containers of formula and hand them to steel trap to put in the cart and then it happened. “Mommy do you have enough money to get me the milk I like?” I would love to tell you that he said it quietly, or that we were alone in the aisle, but had either of those things been the case we wouldn’t be here now. As the woman in the aisle with us gives herself whiplash to look at the poor people I say “Honey you have milk at home. ha ha ha.” I smile nicely at the woman who is now giving me the evil eye. “No mommy not that milk. The milk I like. Do you have enough money? You said if you had enough money we could get it.” Ok so apparently steel trap’s memory isn’t as good as I have laid claim to.

I quickly try to get the cart turned around as evil eye isn’t about to move her cart and pass up this show. “Baby, mommy never said that we didn’t have enough money to get you milk. ha ha ha”. Smile and nod at evil eye and hope for some moment of mommy bonding. That did not happen. As we round the corner and move out of evil eye’s ear shot steel trap says “Yes you did mommy. You said if you had your coupons we could get the milk I like. Do you have the good coupons for it?”  He’s really lucky he’s cute.


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