Posted by: Wagons Ho | November 14, 2011

One Goal

I was listening to a teleseminar this morning and the speaker was talking about goal setting. I’ve read, and heard, a lot about setting goals over the years as I’m sure we all have. Something she said really connected with me though. It was “One goal, one year, one step at a time.” She went on to talk about all the other things like writing it down, having a plan, etc but I kept coming back to the main point of one goal, one year, one step.

Usually when I set goals I have a whole sheet of them, millions of ideas of how I’ll achieveĀ them, and time frames ranging from 1 day to a million years from now. I really like the idea of picking one single thing to concentrate on, giving myself one year to do it and then taking one step forward at a time to make that work. Nothing earth shattering there but it doesn’t have to be.

Now to decide on a goal. Should it be about my business? The family? Myself? So many choices. It would probably be wrong to make my goal picking a goal. On the other hand if I pick making a goal as my goal think of how great I’ll feel when I can cross it off my list! Stay tuned for the goal setting to commence.



  1. Don’t give up. It takes as long as it takes.

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