Posted by: Wagons Ho | November 23, 2011

The Rainbow Connection

I took Trapp to see the new Muppet movie tonight. It was fantastic. It took me right back to being a kid and loving everything Muppet. I remember watching the TV show every Sunday. I adored the movies and bought the albums.  I still have the album from the Muppet Movie tucked away in a box. I could tell who the older parents were in the theater. We were the ones laughing at all the inside jokes, singing along to the songs and tearing up at the moments that pulled our heart-strings. At least I hope I wasn’t the only one with tears.

Trapp liked it, or he said he did anyway. He was really excited about the “fart shoes”. I hope years from now he’ll have something that he’ll remember the way I remember the Muppets. That he’ll have his own Rainbow Connection song that will take him instantly back to his childhood, bringing great memories of family, laughter and love. With any luck will be building a few this weekend as we cook the Thanksgiving feast he has talked about and decorate for Christmas. I know I’ll have more than a few stored away when it’s all said and done.


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