Posted by: Wagons Ho | December 15, 2011

And he wonders why I yell

I was Christmas shopping on-line for my mother-in-law tonight. She is not the easiest person to shop for. It’s not that she has expensive tastes, or is super picky; it’s just the things she asks for drive me nuts. This year she asked for a winter coat that would “come halfway down her thighs”. Now how I would know if the coat reached to her mid-thigh is beyond me. And since she lives about 1000 miles away from us it’s not like I can just take her to the store and let her pick out whatever she wants. The last few years we have sent gift cards so I decided this year we should get her a “real” gift. And that’s when the fun began.

I headed over to Target’s website and found a few different coats that appeared to fit the bill. Then I asked Marshall to take a look. After all she is his mother; he should have some fun too. I’m pointing out the differences in each one and say to him “This one comes in assorted colors.” Marshall rolls his eyes and says “No, just one color.” I mean how do you even respond to that. He’s lucky he’s cute.

In the end we did get her coat in “just one color” and with any luck it will come half way down her thighs.



  1. MIL’s can be the hardest ppl to buy for … a husband (being a man) often isn’t a good gift giver so the responsibility lies solely on the DIL … sigh … ;D

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