Posted by: Wagons Ho | December 17, 2011

Tinsel People

There are two kinds of people in this world, tinsel hangers and tinsel throwers. The feud between these people has been going on since the dawn of tinsel. In our house we have one of each. I am a tinsel hanger. Marshall, the Cro-magnon, is a tinsel thrower. Had I known this before our wedding I may have reconsidered. The war between our kinds has led us to the point where for the last few years we didn’t even have tinsel on the tree. Which, I might add, is almost as bad as just throwing the tinsel on the tree.

I come from a long line of tinsel hangers, ok my mother but still she’s old so that counts as a long line. She also taught me the fine art of spending hours making sure the lights are perfect and that no two ornaments of the same color are too close to each other. I may be slightly ocd when it comes to the tree, or as Marshall would say bat ass crazy. Once Trapp could help decorate I toned it down and would just quietly rearrange ornaments at night. This year as we finished decorating I stood back, admired our poor tinsel free tree and said “This tree needs some tinsel.”

Marshall “Oh no. NO TINSEL!!”

Me “Yes, tinsel. It’s time and it would be perfect.”

Marshall “No. Trapp no matter what you do don’t ever give your mom tinsel.”

Trapp “Oh no. No tinsel!” Clearly he had been coached by the Cro-magnon tinsel thrower.

At that point the baby piped up “Da, da, da, da, hmmmm, ahhhhhhh!” Which I translated to mean “Fools! Tinsel is exactly what that tree needs and we should hang each strand individually.” Clearly he is a genius and a born tinsel hanger.

So here we are, a family divided. I don’t know if our two kinds will ever be able to agree on the tinsel issue but I’ll have to worry about that later. Right now I see 2 silver ornaments that are way too close to each other.



  1. […] right. Of course this is also a man who thinks you can just throw tinsel on the Christmas tree (Tinsel People) but I wanted an actual pattern. One that would be even, and would have the colors vary […]

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