Posted by: Wagons Ho | January 9, 2012

That’s a lot of stuff

George Carlin used to do a hysterical bit about stuff. It cracks me up every time I hear it because it’s all true. I must confess I have a lot of stuff. Not as seen on Hoarders a lot, but way more than I need. I keep all kinds of things that I’ll never need but can’t bear to part with. The t-shirt from my high school graduation night, an armadillo key chain from Texas, countless works of art that Trapp has made over the years. For the most part all of my stuff is fairly well organized and now and then I do go through and purge. But my stuff is nothing compared to some people.

I was recently added to a group on Facebook that consists of women looking to get rid of stuff and buy more stuff. The amount of stuff some of these women are selling amazes me. Post, after post, day after day. How they ever managed to get that much stuff to sell boggles the mind. Not only that but the amount of money they spent on some of this stuff kills me. A toaster that was originally $85. Who the heck pays $85 for a toaster?! (If you are reading this and have an $85 toaster I apologize in advance). I was sure this toaster must do something really great, like go to the store, buy the bread, bring it home and then toast it. But sadly no. It did have wide slots for bagels though.

Or the watch that was originally $900. I’m thinking if I had $900 to blow on a watch I wouldn’t need to belong to a group where people are complaining that they don’t want to pay more than $5 for a pair of used shoes. Of course if I was blowing $900 on watches and $85 on toasters I would need to find shoes under $5 or the kids would be barefoot.

That’s the thing about stuff though. Your stuff is always better than someone else’s stuff. My 24 year old t-shirt is a keepsake, their $85 toaster is ridiculous. Or, as George Carlin said “Their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff.” I’ll probably never have as much stuff to sell as some of the women in the group but then again they will never have a totally awesome armadillo key chain, originally $5.


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