Posted by: Wagons Ho | January 15, 2012

Can’t get to 11 from here

Watching the Giants vs. Packers game with the boys tonight. Trapp is very excited that the “Very best team is playing! The Green Bay Packers!” He is his father’s boy. Trapp is reading the score and notices that both teams have 10 points.

Trapp- “Next they’ll have 11 points!”

Me- “No baby. In football you can’t get to 11 if you have 10.”

Trapp “But 11 comes after 10.”

Me- “Yes, but in football the score doesn’t go like that.” I then explain the different points you get for each thing. Six for a touchdown, 3 for a field goal, etc.

Marshall adds in a few others like a safety and a 2 point conversion.

Me- “So see, if you have 10 you can’t get to 11.”

Marshall “Wait! Sure you can.  Three field goals would get you 9 and 2 more for a safety would get you to 11.”

Me- Sigh…. “Yes, you can score 11 in football but if you already have 10 you can’t get to 11 was the point.”

Marshall- “Oh, right. They can’t get an 11 now.”

So glad I have 3 men in this house and years of sporting events to come.


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