Posted by: Wagons Ho | January 29, 2012


I don’t get Pinterest. I mean I get the idea that it’s a place to store a bunch of things you want to do someday but other than that I don’t get it. I’ve checked it out several times. I’ve seen some cute stuff on there. Nothing that made me feel the urge to join and start pinning. I have friends who spend hours on end on there. Seriously, hours. They post stuff on Facebook that they have pinned, they run out to stores to get stuff to do projects, and talk with other friends about who pinned what. Recently there was some drama about people who were finding stuff on Pinterest, then going to the original site and pinning it to their page as if they had found it first. Now how one would know if you had found something on your own and pinned it or found it on Pinterest and pretended you pinned it on your own is beyond me. Frankly, I can’t believe anyone cares enough to get upset about it.

Maybe it’s the whole I have to know someone who knows someone to join aspect. Or that they have wait lists, according to a friend who sent in a request to join and got wait listed. Maybe it’s the fact that if I want to find a cool storage solution for under my stairs I could just Google under stairs storage and find the same thing everyone is pinning. Maybe I need to join to really understand how amazing it is. Who knows. I do know I won’t be joining anytime soon. Until I need to find a fantastic blog post about how some people don’t get Pinterest that is.



  1. Me too!! Do. Not. Get. But I know people who spend unearthly amounts of time on it. I think it’s the equivalent of cutting out a bunch of magazine/newspaper articles of cool stuff you like but which you have no intention, talent or money to make. Sort of like digital junk drawer?

    • Exactly like a digital junk drawer! I had a friend tell me this morning that it’s a great place to store all the links she likes. I told her I had one of those too. It’s called the Favorites tab on my web browser.

  2. I don’t understand it, either. It must just be that’s really easy to use, or something. It doesn’t sound that awesome, but that’s what I said about Tumblr, and I’ve come to like it. Who knows.

    • I must confess I had to Google Tumblr.

  3. Come to the dark side with me D!!! I am not an avid pinterester, but I have joined and got some really cool ideas for my Halloween Kid’s party we had and some good cupcake recipes, the part I really like is I see pics first before any descriptions and I am a visual person, so that works for me!!! Love ya!!

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