Posted by: Wagons Ho | February 2, 2012

Inflation and the Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy visited one of Trapp’s friends the other night. She left him $10 for one tooth. TEN DOLLARS! What the heck is that?  I’m not sure what the tooth fairy was thinking when she left $10. Maybe she was out of change. Maybe it was late and she thought she grabbed a one but instead grabbed a ten. I’m hearing other tooth faries say that teeth are worth more these days. Many are saying $5 a tooth. FIVE DOLLARS a tooth?!

According to my mother we got whatever change the tooth fairy had lying around. So maybe a quarter or two. If she ever gave us a dollar it was rare and only because she couldn’t find any change. Those are much more reasonable amounts. I don’t know if the tooth fairy has a calculator but at $10 a tooth for 20 baby teeth that’s $200. $200 for doing nothing. For simply letting nature take its course. Even at the “going rate” of $5 a tooth that’s still $100. I don’t think I have ever gotten $100 for doing nothing.

Trapp will be getting what I got, a quarter. Certainly no more than a dollar. It’s not because I don’t love him, or that I’m cheap. It’s because there’s no reason on earth for him to get more. He will be thrilled at getting something, and hopefully not too freaked out about the tooth fairy sneaking into his room while he sleeps.


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