Posted by: Wagons Ho | February 8, 2012

Strong enough for a man

I never understood the Secret slogan “Strong enough for a man but made for a woman”. What does that mean? Deodorant is deodorant right? You rub, or spray, it on. You don’t stink. End of discussion. I have learned this is not always the case.

A few months ago Dove Mens Care+ deodorant was on sale for a great price so I stocked up. Cut to a few days later. I stink. Marshall says I don’t but he has to say things like that. I mean, when you can smell your own pits, you stink. I had taken a shower that day, had put on deodorant, hadn’t worked out, etc. I couldn’t figure out what the issue was so I rubbed on some extra deodorant and went on with my life.

It’s a few months later and I’m still having the same problem. Every now and then, no matter how much deodorant I’ve put on, I am still getting whiffs of b.o. And trust me it’s not from all the working out I’ve been doing. That’s a whole other issue. It was driving me crazy. And then it occurred to me. Maybe Secret was on to something. Maybe Dove Mens Care+ is made for men. As in, made for people who typically have hairy armpits that deodorant would stick to and work. Not people who typically have smooth armpits and it rubs right off. Heck, even in winter, I keep them mostly shaved.

So after a few months of bitching about it (Yes months. I’m stubborn and it was going to work darn it all!) I finally gave up. On that type, not on deodorant. I still need that. You know for those days when I don’t work out. So, basically, everyday.



  1. LOL, that was a cute post! Made me giggle at work.

    How’s it now with the girl deo?

    • Thanks! Back to normal with the girl deodorant. 🙂

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