Posted by: Wagons Ho | February 25, 2012

Laid back family time

It’s been a long week. Monday was supposed to be family adventure time day. We had planned to go to the local children’s museum. Mother nature, and a fun virus running through the family, changed that plan. With the baby still not 100% we hadn’t made any new plans for this month and I was feeling bad about it. Two months in and we were already blowing it.

I woke up this morning to a baby covered in funk and needing a bath. After cleaning him up, and tucking him into bed with Marshall, I came down to grab him a bottle. I walked into the kitchen and out the window I see an absolutely beautiful sunrise. It was a sign of the great day to come.

After a relaxed breakfast, and blissfully drama free homework session, I saw that Target was having a birthday celebration for Dr. Seuss today. A quick rush around the house to get everyone dressed and out the door we went. We missed out on the free goodie bags but did get to hear them read the Lorax. Then we hit the dollar bins, my favorite! We got a couple really cool foam knight swords that were used in battle later. Marshall also found bags of Bit O Honey, one of his favorite candies. You would have thought he had found bags of money he was so excited.

For dinner we had the “basagna” that Trapp has been asking for. Then we ended the day with movie time and watched Puss in Boots. All in all a pretty great day and a perfect reminder that family adventure time doesn’t have to big involved outing. A quick trip to the store, and cuddling on the couch for a movie, can be just as wonderful as anything we could have done at the museum. Plus now we have something to do next month!


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