Posted by: Wagons Ho | April 11, 2012

Hello blog, it’s me Margaret

Well there you are. Bless your little blog heart, waiting so patiently. I don’t have a good excuse for not being here lately. I have thought of you often. I’ve started a dozen posts in my head. Many came to me in the middle of the night and then were forgotten by morning. Some would offend just about everyone so I’ll save them for a day when I’m feeling particularly wenchy.

Life has moved along quickly. The baby is 11 months old now. I should be planning his first birthday party but, other than picking a date, I’m in serious denial about it. A year ago we were sure that another baby wasn’t in the plan for us. We had gotten rid of just about every baby related item and were at peace with our family of 3. Then out of the blue we get a call that would bring this perfect little person into our lives. Our friends quickly mobilized and in a week we were more prepared than we would have been if we had months to plan. He came home and it felt like he had always been here. Now it’s almost a year later and I wonder when did that 10 day old, in giant Charlie Brown sandals, turn into this funny, smart, completely amazing little person? And how the heck is Trapp 5 1/2? Wasn’t he just a tiny baby too? I watch them playing together, jumping on their daddy, chasing the pets and fighting over toys and my heart swells. As the song goes “Life’s been good to me so far.”

So now I get to plan my baby’s party. It may not have the perfect theme but it will be filled with friends and family who love us. The ones who waited with us for the call, cried tears of joy with us when it came and have celebrated all the moments with us since then. They’ll also be the ones who don’t blink when I wear my crown as the queen of denial about the baby being 1, and Trapp bring almost 6. Sounds like a great party to me.


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