Posted by: Wagons Ho | April 16, 2012

Planting seeds

Family adventure time for March had us doing several family things. A neighborhood Easter egg hunt, a reptile show followed by frozen yogurt, an afternoon at the movies. Lots of fun memories built.

This month we had a weekend of adventures. On Saturday we started the day a birthday party at the park. From there we went to our local dinner theater to see Seussical the Musical. The boxed lunch was a boxed lunch but the play was great. Trapp sat in his own chair for almost the entire show, which is saying a lot. Even the baby had fun watching all the bright costumes and clapping along with the audience.

Sunday we got up early and headed to Lowes for garden supplies. Then we spent the day getting the garden planted, putting up a fence to keep the dogs, and maybe even the squirrels (hahahahaha) out, and setting up the sprinklers. It looks pretty great if we have to say so ourselves. The trick now will be seeing if anything grows this year. Last year was our first attempt at a real garden. Trapp loved every minute of it, and we ate the tiny carrots that grew, but food wise it wasn’t really a success. We probably need to move it to a different spot in the yard. We decided that would be a heck of a lot of work though so we’ll leave it for one more summer and see how it goes.

All in all it was a great weekend and were all looking forward to our next adventure.



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