Posted by: Wagons Ho | April 17, 2012

Baby Cuties

I was at the grocery store this morning and ran across Baby Cuties (clementines for those who don’t know). At first I thought they were grape tomatoes, since they were about the same size and in those clamshell containers. When I got closer I could see they were orange and then I saw the label. Seriously? Are there really people out there who look at a Cutie and say “Wow, I’d love to have one but those are just so big. How would I ever finish it all?” or “I wish that Cuties weren’t so big and heavy. If only they were smaller and more portable.”

On the other hand you have to give some major credit to the guy who saw a ton of tiny clementines and said “Hold up! Don’t toss those little ones. People will buy them if we call them “babies”. I hope he got a huge raise because I don’t know about any other stores but the one I was at was charging more for the little pack of Baby Cuties than a big bag of the giant ones. Marketing genius at it’s best.

The Baby Cuties weren’t the only product that had me shaking my head today. Have you seen the squeeze packages of fruit? They look like juice but are applesauce or peaches or some other fruity combination. It’s a pretty simple concept. You open the screw on lid and suck, or squeeze, out the fruit. It took the baby all of 30 seconds to figure out how to suck the fruit right out and 30 more to find the joy in squeezing the package and getting fruit everywhere.

So I’m in the baby food aisle and see a package of what looks like tiny spoons. When I looked closer they were special spoons made just for the squeeze packages. You screw on the spoon and then you can squeeze the food down into the spoon to feed the baby. I laughed out loud right there. I mean is it really that hard to squeeze it into the baby’s mouth, or even a regular spoon? I can’t even imagine what a pain in the rear that thing would be to clean out. Again, you have to hand it to the marketing genius that said “You know what these really convenient, don’t need anything to eat them with, packages need? A spoon.” To top it all off he talked them into putting them into a special carrying case because that’s all you need in your drawers is another empty plastic case for a spoon you used once.

So the moral of this story is I need to learn how to sell my really useless ideas. I have a lot of them and have obviously missed the boat there.



  1. I saw these today at one of my big box grocers too…Genius post about it.

  2. We bought a box of the babies and I love them. Just right for a very mini snack!

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