Posted by: Wagons Ho | April 24, 2012

They love you

Here’s the thing about families, they are all crazy. Start talking about your eccentric uncle, or pain in the rear mother-in-law, and everyone around you will have at least one story about the crazy member of their family. My family, and friends, are just as crazy as any others out there.  The important thing is not how sane they are but that through all of their insanity, and yours, you know they love you no matter what. So how do you know they love you? Well you know they do when..

– They send you a note pad and pen, in the perfect beach themed case, to write your blog ideas on.

– They’ll listen to you whine about the same stuff time and time again.

– They make you laugh every day.

– They push you back to the trainer who motivates you to try your hardest and calls you out when you aren’t.

– They call you every Friday the 13th to wish you a happy birthday all because your birthday is on the 13th and occasionally falls on a Friday.

– They’ll meet you for coffee on random Wednesdays just because.

– They are the calm to your storm.

– They get your jokes

– They know you, really know you, and wouldn’t want you any other way.


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