Posted by: Wagons Ho | May 20, 2012

What Kindergraten Taught Me

Trapp will be finishing kindergarten in a few weeks. The amount of things he has learned this year boggles my mind. He’s reading books, doing basic math and science and learning about geography. His vocabulary, which has always been fantastic, has gotten even bigger. Our neighbor recently told me that it’s hard to remember she is talking to a 5 year old when she talks to him. I can only imagine what first grade will be like. Kindergarten has been a learning experience for both of us though. Here are a few things I have learned this year.

– If your kid is a “walker”, and you walk to school in the rain, people will look at you like you are crazy for forcing that poor kid to walk one block.

– When you give up on walking to school in the rain, because it’s a pain in the rear, and drive instead people will look at you like you are the laziest person alive for driving one block.

– If you give way on the sidewalk one time, because it’s the nice thing to do,  you will become the one who will always have to move over. This is regardless of the fact that you are pushing a stroller, have another child you are trying to corral, have to walk in the wet grass/mud, etc. I’m assuming there is some sort of tattoo on my forehead, that only other people can read, saying “Yes I will move out of the way for your skinny ass while I walk with my 2 kids in the rain”.

– There are still “those girls” around and they will still try to make you feel like you are not worth even a fake smile good morning. No matter how many times you smile at them, or move out of their way on the sidewalk. Yelling at them “Bitches I was popular in high school!” probably won’t help but it feels great when I do it in my head.

– The PTA will say they want everyone to join and participate but then will only have meetings at 9:15am on a weekday and send emails begging for volunteers 2 days before they need you in the middle of the school day. Oh and you better not even think about bringing one of your other kids with you if you do manage to get time off to come help. They will then bitch and moan, for everyone to hear, about how no one ever wants to help and how they have to do it all themselves. It’s good to note that most of the PTA women are “those girls”.

– If you have stuff to pack for your kid’s lunch he’ll want to buy lunch. If you don’t have anything he’ll be devastated that he can’t bring lunch and act like you are trying to kill him.

– You will routinely hear “That’s not …” as in “That’s not what the teacher says, how the teacher does it, how my teacher sings it.”

– The school year that used to seem so long when you were in school will fly by in the blink of an eye when it’s your baby going.



  1. Cute post! I am also a mover-over. And it infuriates me because it seems like most oncoming people don’t even pretend to think about strong over.

    I love walking a big dog for that reason……sort of…..”motivates” people to scooch over a tad. 😉

    • LOL It really does drive a person crazy! Maybe I need to borrow a big dog to walk with us. 😀

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