Posted by: Wagons Ho | January 29, 2013

Marshall and the Chocolate Factory

Once upon a time a perfectly normal girl married a seemingly perfectly normal guy. Not long after they got married the guy, aka Marshall, wanted to buy some chocolate milk.  Not make chocolate milk mind you but buy that sugary, delicious, nothing tastes quite like it, ready-made chocolate milk. So we did. And it was good. I drank some and he finished off the rest of the quart bottle. Not long after finishing the chocolate milk Marshall is racing for the bathroom. I hear him throwing up. It’s not good. As a matter of fact he sounds like he’s dying. I go in to check on him and it’s like a horror story only instead of blood splashed everywhere it’s chocolate milk. It’s on the walls, the shower curtain, the floor. Now I’m really worried. Maybe he has food poisoning, maybe he’s got the flu, a million possibilities run through my mind. As he’s leaning over the toilet, and I try to find someplace to stand that isn’t covered in milk, I ask him if there’s anything I can do. He looks up and says “Nope. Chocolate milk always does this to me.” Seriously. His exact words. I look at him dumfounded, a look I will give him many more times over the years, and say “Then why on earth did you drink it!”. “Well I like it and wanted some.” Turns out chocolate doesn’t always make him sick it’s just if he eats, or drinks, too much at once.

Cut to 20 years later. Last night Marshall and I headed to our local Melting Pot for their all you can eat cheese and chocolate special. We tried several of the cheese options before moving on to chocolate. By that time we were pretty stuffed so we only tried 2 of the chocolates. It was delicious. Not long after Marshall heads to the bathroom. He’s gone forever. When he finally gets back to the table I ask if he’s ok. He says yup and we head out. No sooner do we get outside and he says “I threw up in there.”

“What? You threw up?”

“Yup. It was the chocolate. I ate too much.”

“If you were getting sick why didn’t you stop?”  I think you might know what’s coming.

“Well I liked it and I wanted it.”

Sigh…… I’ve said it before. He’s lucky he’s cute.


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