Posted by: Wagons Ho | February 9, 2013

Testosterone overload

I live in a house full of men. Marshall, Trapp, the baby, one of the dogs and both cats. All boys. Heck even fish are probably male. This place should have fine print like those medication commercials. Warning entering this house may subject you to any of the following

  • Farts
  • Burps
  • The baby announcing loudly “I fart!”, a lot.
  • Boys laughing about farts and burps
  • A weird boy smell
  • Discussions about rather or not you are pooping every time you go into the bathroom.
  • Daily wrestling matches
  • Toy cars, balls, Legos, superheros, ect that you only see after you have stepped on them
  • An insane amount of noise and dirt

Of course, there are some benefits too. Like there’s always someone around to kill, or in the cats case eat, bugs.


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