Posted by: Wagons Ho | February 22, 2013

Week 5

I’m 5 weeks into my re-commitment to loosing weight. It’s been easier than I thought to fall back into the routine of tracking, measuring and weighing. Last week I held steady and this week I was down 0.6. I know it’s completely normal for things to slow down after the first few weeks but it’s so frustrating to see that little number on the scale. I’ve been on plan. I have tracked every single BLT (bite, lick and taste). I’ve increased my fruits and veggies and am making healthier choices. I’ve tried to ignore the scale except for weigh in days, even though it taunts me daily. The weight should be falling off! Well, that’s what I wish anyway. My head knows that slow and steady is the way to go. That it took me 40+ years to get to the weight I am and it’s not going to fall off in 40 days. It’s the rest of me that isn’t happy about it. The rest of me wants the Biggest Looser 13lbs in a “week” loss or the “I lost 25 lbs in 10 days on the snorting coffee diet” loss. The anything but 0.6lbs in a week loss really. But I’ll take it, for now. And while I’m waiting for that miracle to come I’ll try to help it along by continuing to track, measure and weigh. I’ll work on getting in my water and other healthy guidelines every day and I’ll stay focused on the end game.



  1. It is hard & sucks when it slows down. 0.6 per week puts you on pace for about 30 more off this year …. Bet we would all take that. See you tonight.

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