Posted by: Wagons Ho | April 1, 2013

A little bragging

Marshall and I have been together for a really long time, over 20 years now. I give him a hard time, I can be a full on bitch, and I don’t always give him credit when credit is due. So I thought I’d do a little bragging on him tonight but it’s been harder to put how I feel about him into words than I thought it would be. I could tell you how he served his country for 25 years in the military and now works for a wonderful non-profit children’s charity. Or, how he is continuing his education and working toward his degree. I could tell you that he is an amazing father whose kids love him more than they can say. They light up when he walks into the room, and the baby cries when he leaves. Or, how he does all the “man” jobs around the house, without a word of complaint, no matter how tired he is. But I think I’ll tell you about the last two days.

We are in the process of a DIY project that we have been planning for a while now. And, of course, I’m sick again. Stupid sinuses. Yesterday he completed all the prep work while I took it easy and kept the kids occupied. Today we started the work work and again he took charge. He carried tools up and down the stairs, along with heavy cement backer boards and 50lb bags of mortar. He measured, cut, drilled, mixed three rounds of mortar and laid the majority of the backer board all by himself. Without one word of complaint, and while listening to some griping from me about how things were being done.

When I told him to quit for the night he decided to do “one more row” while I got the kids dinner. While I put the kids to bed he cleaned up all the tools and trash and when he was done the only he asked for was a coke with his dinner (we were out). Then he apologized for not getting everything finished today. Seriously. He felt bad that he hadn’t been able to get it all done.

So this one is for Marshall. The most amazing husband, friend and father I know. He makes me laugh, and cry, and laugh until I cry. He’s my rock in this crazy world and the only one I can imagine taking this journey with. I love you Marshall, chicken stories and all.


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