Posted by: Wagons Ho | April 17, 2013


Here’s the thing about Facebook that I didn’t expect, and still surprises me, how little I really knew about my friends. As a grown, reasonable (most the time) person I know you don’t talk about religion or politics with people. So I don’t. My friends didn’t. We all blissfully went along not really knowing what the other believed other than the generals like Sally is a Baptist and Terry is a Mormon. I assumed that Gary was a Democrat based on a bumper sticker. Elections and holidays might bring up small conversations but other than that we just didn’t discuss it.

Honestly, I liked it that way. I knew the really important stuff. Things like Sally is hysterically funny in a drop dead serious way. Terry reads the best books. Gary is a great dad who knows tons of helpful handy man tricks. Then I joined Facebook. And it was good. I got to talk to people I hadn’t seen in years. I posted with people I see to all the time just because we had something funny to share. It is fun, occasionally informational, and a little addicting. The last year or so though I’ve noticed more and more of my friends posting things I know they would never say in person.

There’s nothing new about the computer screen providing this place where you can write anything and feel like it’s all acceptable. I’m certainly not the first person to notice it, or write about it. My issue is more personal. I see these posts and think “How on earth am I friends with this person?” Not that I think we should only be friends with people who think the same way we do. I love having friends with different lifestyles, opinions, etc. I’m just amazed at some of the things my smart, funny, reasonable friends believe and will post about loudly in a public forum. It takes all I have some days not to respond. I know that arguing with them is pointless and will not change what they think/feel. Hide this post has become a friend of mine. If it weren’t for it I’d probably be down to 4 friends, 2 of those my sister and my mom.

So here I sit reminding myself that 4 years ago I would never have known Sally’s opinion on gun control, Terry’s opinion on gay marriage and Gary’s opinion on immigration. That they felt these things then but I was blissfully unaware. I look past the insanity to the funny friend, the voracious reader, the handy man. I close my mouth, and my keyboard, and wait for the stuff I’m really interested in, like what Grumpy Cat hates today and getting an extra life in the dang Candy Crush game.


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