Posted by: Wagons Ho | April 19, 2013

Something I should know?

Lately I have been a ton of junk mail involving babies. We do have two kids so getting child related junk mail isn’t unusual but, since the baby is almost two, I’m a little confused about why I’m getting stuff geared towards infants. I’m talking everything from coupons for Pampers Swaddlers diapers and bottles to catalogs for nursery stuff. I swear we get something every day.

I’ve decided this means one of two things. One- I’m pregnant and only the makers of Pampers knows it. Considering the fact that my eggs should be expired by now, I’m pretty sure this is not likely. Two- Marshall has become a baby daddy on the side and his baby mama used our address for her registry. My first thought about option two was she better not be planning on moving in here because I’m way past having another baby in the house. But then I rethought it. Maybe having his baby mama here wouldn’t be so bad. I mean all those sister wives seem pretty happy. They know the joy of having another mom around to pick up the slack. Why shouldn’t I? She can have all the fun jobs like grocery shopping, doing laundry and cleaning up when the kids puke in their beds. Plus, since most baby mamas are crazy, Maury Povich taught me that, she’ll be sure to keep the kids in line with her ranting and raving. I’ll take the hard jobs like laying on the couch and watching Maury Povich. After all someone has to keep up with who the baby daddy was.

Yup, the more I think about it option two might not be so bad. Because if option one is right Pampers better be ready with a maid, a nanny, free diapers and anything else I can think of when this kid shows up.


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