Posted by: Wagons Ho | June 10, 2013

School is out for summer

Well it’s almost out anyway. Just 4 more days. If you ask me they could have been done last week considering the last few days have consisted of parties, movies, extra recess, and other time killers. They brought home all their notebooks, study words and other work. The library is closed and art is over, along with all the other “specials” they have. The rest of this week will be water play day, game day and 3 early outs. If the school board is looking for ways to save money I think they could start by closing the schools once all the work for the year is done versus dragging it out an extra week. They need to get in those official hours though. Who cares if the kids are actually doing anything while they are there as long as they have butts in the seats. Not that I’m frustrated by it. Two less weeks of summer camp is good for my bank account. Now that I think about it maybe I should petition them for another week of free babysitting. Or better yet year round school. I could really get on board with that.



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