Posted by: Wagons Ho | December 11, 2013

Busy doing something

“So does this mean you are done with the blog?” my sister asked. “No.” I said. “I’ve just been busy. I still plan to do it. It hasn’t been that long. Only like…” I pause to think. How long has it been? Thinking, thinking.  “Look, I’ve been busy ok. I’ll get back to it.”

So what have I been busy doing you ask. Well, lots of stuff. For instance I

– finally beat level 161 on Candy Crush.

– watched untold hours of TV.

–  did at least 60 loads of laundry.

– changed over 300 diapers.

– celebrated 3 family birthdays.

– took one vacation.

– read a few books.

– lost the lottery, several times.

– lost my temper, more times than I like to admit.

– laughed, a lot.

– cried, a little.

– had way more good days than bad ones.

So there Aunt Jodie. Busy.



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