Posted by: Wagons Ho | January 1, 2016

The MC Sign

According to my stats it’s been two years since my last post. Not counting my most recent one of course. Two years. How is that possible? I’m sure I meant to keep posting and just got busy, distracted, lazy.

My friends have been taking the brunt of my grief and seriously could use a break from all the depressing stuff I have been sharing with them. Hell I can use a break from all the depressing stuff. So here I am. Back to my little blog with a classic Marshall story.

At a restaurant with my dad, Aunt Jodie, the kids, and Marshall. Dad says he needs the bathroom. I start to tell him it’s back by the soda machines when Marshall says “It’s where the MC sign is. The MC Hammer sign.”

“They have a MC Hammer poster in here?” I say looking around the polish deli we are in.

“Well not a poster but a sign. It’s right above the hall for the bathroom.”

“Why on earth would they call the bathrooms the MC Hammer?” I say even more confused.

“Do you mean WC, like Water Closet?” Aunt Jodie asks.

“Nope it’s a M…” Marshall leans back to look “Hmmmm I guess it is a W. Looked like an M.”

“Let me get this straight. You saw a sign over the hall to the bathrooms that you thought said MC and you immediately thought “MC Hammer that makes sense to me.”? I ask as Aunt Jodie starts doing the hammer time dance behind Marshall’s back.


So the next time you need to go potty just remember to look for the MC Hammer sign. Because Hammer and bathrooms just make sense.





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