Posted by: Wagons Ho | January 4, 2016

One Good Thing

Several years ago I heard Shawn Achor speak about happiness. It really opened my eyes to how happiness is a choice. How noticing and appreciating the little daily things that make us happy can change our entire way of thinking.

Since that day I have made an effort to find something good about each day. To really appreciate the little moments, a great song on the radio, a delicious new creamer in my coffee, the kids laughing.

That hasn’t been as easy the last few months, and even harder the last week. There have been little moments of happiness in all of this though. A gorgeous sunset. Beautiful flowers from family members. The birds mom loved to feed coming back after being gone for a week. The deer dad loves to watch walking slowly through the backyard. Dad laughing over an email from a friend. Laughing with my sister about a pair of pjs.

We have many more hard days coming but I know that in each of those days there will be at least one thing I can find that is good. Brief moments of happiness, in the midst of our grief, that we can hold on to during all the bad moments. Just one good thing is all we’ll need.


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