Posted by: Wagons Ho | January 29, 2016

A happy dance

Before we had kids Marshall and I used to watch Jeopardy on a fairly regular basis. Not that we knew many of the answers but when we did we would get excited and act like we had won the lottery. Once we had kids though that went out the window. Sure we’d catch it here and there but not like we used to.

Last night I found myself watching it with Trapp. I was yelling out the answers, all wrong of course, but we had a good time watching. Trapp asked questions, and tried to play along, and it was fun.

I decided to put it on again tonight. I killed it! And by killed it I mean they had 2 categories in the first round that I knew most the answers to. And what were these categories you ask? Soup and Brands. And if there are two things I know it’s food and tv commercials. We won’t talk about how I did on all the other categories, or God forbid Double Jeopardy.

Then came Final Jeopardy. The category was The American Revolution. Trapp guessed George Washington. Not bad for a 9 yr old. And honestly, I thought he might be right. So I guessed the only other name that came to mind, Benedict Arnold. And I was RIGHT! Not only was I right but none of the contestants on the show got it right. And that called for a happy dance.

I haven’t had much call to do a happy dance lately. It felt good even though I was gloating to the tv, and a 9 yr old, but good none the less. And while some may say it was a lucky guess (and would be right) I am totally calling that a win, and dance worthy. Here’s to finding more reasons to do my happy dance.




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