Posted by: Wagons Ho | February 1, 2016

The Little Things

As weird as it is to say my life hasn’t changed that much since mom died. It’s been 24 years since I lived at home, and 10 years since we lived anywhere close, assuming you consider a 7 hr drive close. We now live several states, and a 2 day drive, away. We would Skype on holidays, and spent several vacations together over the last few years, but other than that I didn’t see mom on a regular basis. So my day to day life hasn’t really changed.

What has changed are the little things. Things like….

There won’t be any more phone calls with her. We could talk for hours about everything, and nothing.

There won’t be any more cards and boxes full of little gifts for the kids for every holiday and birthday. She always picked the most obnoxious singing cards, and noise making toys, that they loved, and drove me crazy.

There won’t be any more books for the kids with notes written in them from Grandma. Or hand painted ornaments because she couldn’t find ones that looked like the boys so she painted over what she found to get what she wanted.

There won’t be any more cards and notes to me or Marshall. Mom would save up articles to send, drop a funny card in the mail when life was crazy, and always sent birthday and holiday cards to us.

There won’t be any more day dreaming together of the beach houses we would buy when we won the lottery.

And so many other little things that I’m sure I haven’t even thought of yet.

Life will go on. My days will still be filled with work, school, homework, hockey practice, laundry, shopping, meals, bills, and all the other things that make the hours go by so quickly. But the little things will missing. And while my life may not be different, it will never be quite the same again.






  1. So sorry for you loss. What beautiful memories to have of your mother to share with your children as they grow.

    • Thanks. She loved them more than anything and definitely left lots of great memories for them.

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