Posted by: Wagons Ho | February 5, 2016


I swear I’ve never been as tired as I have been the last month. I’m having to drag myself through the day. By the time we put the boys bed at night it’s all I can do to sit up for an extra hour, or two, so I can spend some time with Marshall.

I’m keeping up at home and work but everything else just seems like it’s too much. I’ve forced myself to go out with friends, stay on committees I’ve volunteered for, and do all the other “extras” things, but all I really want to do is stay home in my pjs.

I can think of a few reasons why I’m so tired. Things like

  • trying so hard to act “normal” around everyone
  • repeatedly biting my tongue at work when people make comments about the “vacation” I was on
  • worrying about how the boys are really dealing with the losses they have had
  • worrying about how my sister is really doing
  • worrying about how Marshall is really doing
  • crying
  • worrying that I’m crying
  • did I mention worrying?

Just typing that list makes me tired. I’m pushing through though. Trying to slowly get back to my real normal self. I know I’ll get there eventually. Until then a few extra naps never hurt anyone, right?



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