Posted by: Wagons Ho | February 5, 2016

Too much information

For the last few months my washing machine randomly won’t drain. There’s no pattern to it, no apparent reason. With some coaxing I can get it to drain but it’s happening more frequently and it’s a pain to deal with.

We had such good results fixing our dryer we decided to try and fix the washing machine. We assumed the problem was with the pump, or the drain hoses, but we pulled it apart and couldn’t see anything obviously broken or clogged. I’d like to pull it completely apart, and check under the tub, but Marshall is done and wants to pull the plug.

It’s ridiculous how expensive washing machines are. It’s a bowl, a motor and some tubes. How much could these things possibly cost to build? But they know you aren’t going to be out there pounding clothes on a rock like our great grandmothers did so they’ve got you. I debated about buying a used one but honestly the thought of having to deal with all of this again in a year makes me want to just skip that.

When I bought my last machine, 12 years ago, I didn’t even think to look on-line. I went to a couple stores, found one I liked, at a price that seemed reasonable, and I bought it. End of story. But now I’m debating the difference in .3 cubic feet of space, clear lid vs. solid, turn knobs vs. an electronic panel. I’m searching to see if it’s a good model. A good price. Is it energy efficient? Does it have a pre-soak? Did you know that was even a thing, to not have a pre-soak option? I didn’t. Then come the reviews. How many loved it. How many hated it. Is there that much difference in one that got 4.2 stars vs. 4.5 stars? AACCCKKKKKKKK

I wonder if I went to the store and said “Give me a washing machine that will clean toddler pee out of undies, sweat out of hockey gear, cat puke out of my comforter, has a delicate cycle for my bras, won’t use a ton of water, and will last for at least another 12 years, all for less than $500” the sales person would stop laughing long enough to show me just what I need.






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