Posted by: Wagons Ho | April 7, 2016

Kindergarten Time

I’ll be registering Max for Kindergarten tomorrow. It doesn’t seem possible that it was 5 years ago I was doing the same thing for Trapp. I was sad about my baby growing up, excited about the idea of no more daycare payments, and totally unaware that our world would be changed in just a few short weeks.

At that point we had pretty much given up hope of getting “the call”. We were riding out the time left on our home study and ok with the fact that we would be a family of three. Then when least expected it, and after we had gotten rid of the last of the baby things we had been holding on to, the phone rang and our family expanded by one.

Max can’t wait to go to “brother’s school”, I’m not ready to think about homework and school schedules for two. He’s excited about growing up, I’m going to miss our mommy and Max days where we cuddle in the morning and nap in the afternoon. He’s worried about missing his friends, I’m worried about how he will adjust. He wants to ride his bike to school, I’ll miss picking him up at the daycare and having him excitedly show me whatever fun thing he played with that day.

That’s not to say I’m not happy too, because I am. I know he’ll be fine and I’m excited about all the possibilities before him. I just wish it was going a little slower.




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