Posted by: Wagons Ho | May 7, 2016

And the horse you rode in on

Mother’s Day is tomorrow. I have been preparing myself for this day, knowing it will rough. I ignored the commercials, deleted the emails, and scrolled past the Facebook reminder and posts of people and their moms. I suppressed the urge to ask Marshall and the boys to ignore the day, knowing it would hurt their feelings. I worried about Jodi since she was always the one who picked out the gift and made plans to celebrate with mom. It’s been a long week but I was ready.

Then, out of nowhere, I got slammed by the Kentucky Derby. The freaking Kentucky Derby. Seriously?! I never remember it’s derby day, and of course didn’t today either, until I got a text from Jodi, “What horses are you picking?”.

Many, many, years ago we lived in Kentucky and fell in love with the derby. Mom may have loved it before that but I remember it starting then. Every year we would watch the horses parade around the track, make our picks, celebrate our wins, and laugh about who picked the biggest long shot simply because the horse was pretty. It doesn’t matter where everyone is, on derby day you make your picks and watch the race.

I thought about ignoring the text but I knew this had to be tough for Jodi. For the last few years she has been the race coordinator. Getting everyone’s picks, making sure we all remembered to watch, keeping track of who “won” or “lost”. So I didn’t ignore it. I sent my picks, and thought I was ok. I wasn’t.

I spent the next few hours before the race getting crankier and crankier. When race time finally came I cried through “My Old Kentucky Home” and barely paid attention to the actual race. When it was all said and done I was clearly not in a good mood. Marshall, ever the trooper, dealt with my increased insanity by deciding to give me some alone time and take the kids to a movie. And what do I do? I have a melt down. I cry and scream. He’s trying to help and all I hear is “We don’t want you to come, stay home you crabby bitch.” Now he very well may have been thinking that, hell I didn’t want to be with me right then, but I know he didn’t.

So here I am, catching up on my dvr, wondering if maybe I wasn’t as prepared for Mother’s Day as I thought I was. Clearly I wasn’t prepared for the derby.







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