Posted by: Wagons Ho | June 1, 2016

Just keep swimming

Our community pool has a summer swim team for kids who live in the neighborhood. Trapp has randomly mentioned he would like to be on the team but he’s not a strong swimmer, and has resisted any attempt I have made to teach him. He loves being in the pool though so I told him if he wanted to try out he could. He, of course, decided he didn’t want to be on the team after all. I encouraged him to give it a go but he was adamant that he had changed his mind. Right up till 15 minutes before tryouts, after an afternoon of swimming at a friend’s pool.

The tryout consisted of him having to swim the length of the pool, any style. The only rules were no touching the bottom/sides/lane lines. Marshall took him as I alternately hoped he would make it (it would be so much fun!), hoped he wouldn’t (it would be so much work!), and worried he would drown trying. He didn’t drown and made it a little over halfway across the pool. He was so proud of himself, and we were so proud of him for trying. The coach decided that he should come to the team practices for the next couple weeks and then try out again.

We had our first practice yesterday. And by we I mean Trapp had practice while I forced myself not to jump up and run to the edge of the pool to save him every time he struggled. He had fun, and the coach was amazingly patient as he encouraged Trapp to keep trying. If he continues to improve, and makes the team, we’ll be spending the summer juggling swim team practices, swim meets, work, and summer camp. It should be interesting.


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