Posted by: Wagons Ho | June 2, 2016

The Graduation Party

Max got an invitation to a graduation party for one of his classmates. His pre-k classmate.  PRE-K. As in pre-kindergarten, preschool, pre-understanding what graduation even means. It wasn’t even one of those fill it the blanks type of invites. This was a took the time to pick a picture, upload it to Shutterfly, make the invite, and order it in time to hand out invitation.

As I stared at the invitation I thought “Seriously? Is this a thing?” It never occurred to me to have a party for Max’s graduation. I did order him the cap and gown, although I really debated calling the school and seeing if they still used red ones because I’m 99% sure I have Trapp’s in a closet somewhere. But I ponied up the $15. And I have been debating about taking him out for ice cream after the ceremony. I might even invite a couple of friends to meet us there. Does that count as a party? I didn’t think so but maybe it does. I mean I did half mention to a friend that we might go out for ice cream after and that I might holler at them if we do. So it’s clearly very organized and official.

It’s not that I don’t think his pre-k graduation is special, because I do. I’ll be crying and taking a million pictures with the best of them. It’s just that I’ve never really been the “let’s make a big deal out of everything” mom. I’m more of a “let’s make this easy for mommy” mom. Graduation invites and a party for a preschooler- not easy. Text a couple friends to meet us for ice cream after the ceremony- easy. I’ll save my energy for his high school graduation. Knowing me I’ll have to start now if I want to have those invitations ready in time.






  1. If you start with the big party in pre-k does each “graduation” get bigger. Kindegarten, elementary school, middle school – what does that leave for high school graduation? A month long trip around the world? 😉

    • Right! Maybe I should just buy some popsicles and save the trip out for ice cream for college. 🙂

  2. You’re my kind of parent!

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