Posted by: Wagons Ho | June 11, 2016

It’s A Girl!

I have been friends with Delilah for years. To say that she hasn’t always had a easy go of it is putting it mildly. She has many struggles I will never truly understand but I have always hoped that she knows I’m here for her no matter what. The other day she posted this about me.

“I had a great appointment today! We talked about fathers and father figures and I said I don’t have one right now. We then went over all of the characteristics and actions that I feel a father would do. That’s when I realized that I actually DO have a father figure!! Wagons Ho! You’re my daddy! Can I borrow the car?”

Now I don’t know what “characteristics and actions” she listed, and I’m really hoping it wasn’t “Has a mustache and wears socks with sandals” because that would just be weird, but I do know that one post made my day. It was nice to hear that while I don’t have my shit together right now I am still helping someone else with their shit. I seriously had a whole George Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life, ZuZu’s petals moment reading it.

I’m also hoping this means I’ll start getting gifts on Father’s Day too. I’m thinking a mustache trimmer and some snazzy new socks and sandals might be in order.







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