Posted by: Wagons Ho | July 21, 2016

The fire pit

I like the idea of camping just not the actual sleeping in a tent, spiders trying to kill you, having to find your way to a bathroom in the dark, communal showers part of camping. I do love the family time without electronics, lazy days, wadding in the river, sitting around the camp fire drinking with your friends part of camping though. So a few years ago we purchased one of those small portable fire pits. All the fun of a campfire without having to actually camp.

We used it a few times each year but eventually the bottom rusted out and we needed a new one. I decided this time I wanted something a little bigger but everything I looked at was ridiculously expensive for what they were. We were discussing my hunt for the perfect fire pit when a friend mentioned he had seen fire pit kits on sale at a local landscaping company and that’s when this year’s DIY project began.

Now you would think I would have been satisfied with the fire pit, but nope. I decided as long as we were doing it we should “do it right” and put in a paver patio too. This way we  would have a nice place to sit around the beautiful new fire pit. Marshall looked at me like I was a crazy and said “You want to do a patio too?” and, in typical fashion, I looked back at him, smiled, and said “Of course! I mean, how hard could it be?”

According to the internet, and when has that ever steered anyone wrong, this would be a 1 weekend project, tops. All we would have to do is dig out the space, level it, add rock, add sand, build the fire pit, add the pavers, leveling as we went, add sand to the gaps, and viola, paver patio with a fire pit. Simple right? We could totally do this. We have certainly done more complicated projects. This would be a breeze.

HA! You’ll be shocked to hear this but the internet lied. It was not a 1 weekend project. Now maybe if we lived in an area with no rocks, tree roots, grass, and a perfectly level space it would have been but noooooo we picked the one spot in the yard that had every rock made since the dawn of time in it. Along with the roots for every tree in a 5 mile radius. It was hot, hard work watching Marshall till and dig and cut to get the spot cleared, add in the rock and sand, and get the area ready to build on.

Once that was all done all that was left was the “easy” part of laying the pavers. Marshall wanted to just put down the pavers. As if you can just throw them down and it would look right. Of course this is also a man who thinks you can just throw tinsel on the Christmas tree (Tinsel People) but I wanted an actual pattern. One that would be even, and would have the colors vary beautifully. This required several hours of laying a few sections, standing back and looking, counting pavers, measuring, moving pavers, standing back and looking, and so on. Once I finally had it all worked out I began the never ending task of laying a paver and leveling it only to get a few pavers down the row and be completely out of level. I came to the conclusion that laying pavers is one of the many levels of hell.

After several weeks, a few tears, and a lot of cursing, we finally finished. It came out pretty dang good if we have to say so ourselves. I foresee many years of sitting around the fire, drinking and laughing with friends, while we scream at the kids to quit sticking stuff in the fire and trying to burn themselves up. It will also be a great place to think up our next DIY project. Marshall should be open to suggestions by next summer.

fire pit



  1. You think he’ll be ready that soon? Hahahahaha

  2. Looks pretty amazing!

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