Posted by: Wagons Ho | September 8, 2016


The summer flew by. We had a few adventures, and a lot of crazy, over those 99 days. I’ve started and stopped a dozen posts this last month but couldn’t seem to finish any of them so I thought I’d just do a list of things that actually happened this summer.

  • Flew home for a visit. While we were there dad got sick and ended up spending 3 weeks in the hospital.
  • Packed up mom’s clothes and cleaned out her bathroom. Smelling her perfume about killed me.
  • Visited Marshall’s family. It was relatively drama free, which is saying a lot for them.
  • Visited Mount Rushmore and some of the touristy things around there.
  • My grandmother, dad’s mom, fell at home and went to the hospital for an eval. They decided she needed home health care in order to go home and were working on setting that up when she fell and broke her hip. They have now determined she can’t live at home anymore and are working on nursing home placement.
  • Dad fell at home and broke a hip. He’ll be in the rehab until at least Oct according to his latest care team meeting.
  • We had bonfires in the fire pit.
  • We visited the amusement park several times. The season passes we got were worth every penny.
  • Continued to deal with mom’s estate. I’ve always wondered why it takes years to settle estates of rich/famous people, and now I know. I mean it’s been 9 months so far and mom certainly wasn’t rich, or famous.
  • Restarted my Weight Watchers plan. Well technically I never quit the plan, I just quit working it. After gaining back 45 lbs I decided enough was enough.
  • Restarted my budgeting. 8 months of rarely cooking dinner put a dent in our finances, and didn’t help my weight.
  • Cried, yelled, laughed. Sometimes all at the same time.
  • Missed mom, especially as we got ready for school to start. She would have loved to hear about Max’s first day of kindergarten.

All in all it wasn’t a bad summer but I’m not looking forward to the next few months. It was around this time last year that mom first started to say she wasn’t feeling well. She thought it was just her allergies acting up, if only it had been allergies.  School, work, and sports will keep us busy during but I also know these months will be hard as hell. Hopefully I can get through them without completely falling apart.





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