Posted by: Wagons Ho | October 10, 2017


I need to be done now. Who do I ask for that? Who do I beg? Whose ass do I need to kiss? Whose bank account do I need to increase? What exactly will it take for me to be done?

I’ve reached my limit of things I can deal with. I’m at the breaking point. I think if one more thing happens I’ll just crumble into a pile.

A dear friend, or two, have suggested it’s time I talk to someone. I got as far as looking for a counselor in my health care network. But I can’t call. The thought of adding one more appointment, one more thing I have to do, one more person I have to talk to, to my schedule right now is too much. I literally can’t even comprehend how I would do it.

And even if I could gather the energy, time, guts, whatever it would take to actually call what would I tell this person? Who would believe what my life has become? No one. It’s not believable. I don’t even want to listen to me anymore.

So what I really need it for it just all to stop. That sounds bad. I don’t mean it like that. What I mean is I really need this constant barrage of life is hard bs that has descended on me to stop. I need to be done now. Because I’m done.




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